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About Us

We at United Home Services feel very strongly about making sure that our clients are satisfied with all of our work.

Our company opened it's doors in Blount County, Tennessee in 2004 and while we are not the largest company in this category, we do have a large following with a 98.6% client retention and we are usually the first call when they have service needs.

With our staff, we are able to focus on many areas so we can be your one stop source for all your service needs, personal or commercial.
United Home Services believes that supporting local businesses benefit everyone in the community. With that being said, it's also our belief that businesses that we recommend should have the same undisputed service quality that we strive to have. We know that the following businesses share our service beliefs and we are happy to recommend them and we're sure that you will be happy you called them.

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United Home Services does its part to give back to the community and those in need. the following are non-profit organizations that we believe in and that either we, or our staff, support and if you can help them out, we know they would greatly appreciate it.